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Rent a car in Tbilisi

Not so long time ago people began to use the service of a car rental in our country. Car rental companies have also started to run their business recently, so those who are planning to rent a car in Tbilisi may have many questions.

Car Hire assumes that customers may use rental vehicles as long as they need. The longer is car hire period, the cheaper the cost of the service is. No conditions about the place, time or run mileage. Often practiced service is of pick up at one point, and drop off - in another.

Tbilisi car rental Features

There are no significant shortcomings in car rental in Tbilisi. The only thing that stands out is the responsibility. The Customer is obliged to realize that he/she is responsible for the car.

Reasons to rent a car in Tbilisi

For leisure travel car rental would be a marvelous opportunity. Comfortable movement with minimized costs. You are free and can always change the schedule or the place of your transportation. Naturally, car rental is for the people to like to navigate on their own.

Rent a car in Tbilisi if you do not have driving license

If you are in Tbilisi and want to rent a car but do not have a driving license never mind. Hertz will provide you car rental with a driver service / chauffeur service/. Our professional multilingual drivers will help you to enjoy your stay in Georgia.

Choosing a car

Choosing car for hire is not a problem, but you must take into account the purpose of the trip. Budget car is the perfect choice for getting around the city. If you do not know which route you will take, then you can stop on a comfortable option and rent some SUV. We offer variety of packages: cheap and budget cars, economy and compact class, SUVs, luxury and high-class cars. Whatever you may need is with Hertz.

To ensure the safe movement on the road, the cost of rental insurance is included in the price. After returning the car, a thorough technical inspection is made, so the probability of failure on the road is minimal. If, however, there is a trouble – technical assistance will come to your place once it is needed.

Book a rental car in Tbilisi

If you have the opportunity and time to plan a trip, you can book any car, so you get the desired brand, color and even experts to prepare it for a certain time. This will cause less time to be spent on the design of your reservation. Conveniently, if you have booked a car rental from the airport, indicate your flight so you minimize your own costs. When the flight is delayed, the rent time starts from the moment you pick up the car.

Rent a car in Tbilisi for group travel

To travel by group (family, friends or partners) minivan can be rented. Everyone will have enough space, comfort and safety.

How to make a contract?

Before placing signature on the rental agreement, it’s important to visually inspect the car. Discuss every scratch or damage. All these should be disclosed on the contract before writing in your signature. It is also important to do a test drive to check the car operation.

Everyone can benefit from renting a car: for a guided tour of the city, to move independently on the car or the driver.