Operational Leasing
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Leasing is a very good alternative to get more car for less money, as the monthly payments are usually less than the ones when buying.

In a lease, you do not purchase an automobile. You contract to use it for the first, and best, period of its life.

This product provides the safety of fixed budgeting in the area of vehicle finance and maintenance. It is an ideal option for companies seeking to rationalize the burden of running their vehicle fleet and in doing so, concentrate their resources on business activities.

Hertz Leasing and its Benefits

Hertz Leasing is an economic solution to providing your company a car fleet at competitive monthly rates. Whether it is two, twenty vehicles or more, Hertz operating lease offers you flexibility on when and for how long you want to rent.

Improved cash flow and budget planning
- No registration as a fixed asset in company’s balance sheet
- Tax optimization
- Reduction of administration costs
- Reduction of maintenance expenses
- Reduction of time
- Regular car maintenance service
- 24-hours roadside assistance service
- Full technical support
- Fixed monthly rates
- Flexibility in selection of vehicle brands and models
- Simplified fleet renewal
- Quality and reliability

Generally Price Includes

- Collision/Damage Waiver
Personal accident assurance
Theft protection
- Accident management
- Maintenance and all kind of repair works within the contracted mileage
- Annual technical inspection
- Regular technical check-ups
- Twice a year season tires replacement and storage of tires at the Hertz’ facilities
- Allowance to print logos on the cars

Options after expiration of lease period

- Purchase of the leased vehicle with depreciated value
Extension of the contract. Pricing and terms of the new contract is subject to change.