Multi Month Rentals

If you really want to feel the comfort of having a car for a few months without bothering about maintenance, insurance, and paperwork, consider our multi-month car rental service.


Hertz provides multi-month car rental in Georgia to both individuals and corporate entities. If you are planning to take a car for more than a month then we strongly recommend you to contact our customer service department to get a special rate! Our consultants will help you choose a car that best fits your needs. You’ll have the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade the model during the rental period.


Hertz multi-month rentals are a great choice for travellers and businessmen. We also successfully cooperate with local and international companies which need cars for a few months for projects in Georgia.


Get all the benefits of multi month car rental:

•        Payment in monthly instalments

•        Special rates for multi-month rentals

•        A wide selection of vehicles

•        Unlimited mileage

•        24/7 roadside assistance

•        Full maintenance services

•        Insurance included