Multi Month Rentals

Cars are important because they provide a common means of transportation, whether it is a longer commute to work

or a shorter trip to run errands around town. At Hertz Georgia, there are many different kinds of cars including luxury,

family-oriented, small and large cars.

Are you tired after the flight and want to rest or just tired of traffic jams on the roads? Why not order a car with a

chauffeur company Hertz? You will not have to worry about parking or be afraid of being late, our professional driver

will quickly and safely take you to your destination, and you will have the opportunity to focus on important issues for

you during the journey.

Our Advantages:

- The courteous, Russian and English-speaking chauffeur will meet and escort you to the car.

- Comfortable cars with the newest equipment.

- We offer transfers in any direction.

Easy and fast booking. Reservations must be made 48 hours prior to the beginning of the reservation.



Reservation Hotline: +995 32 2307890